Do you ever make useless noise so the wife is thinking you are working hard?

One documentary I saw was if the pigs escape they turn feral, vs the cute little pink pigs with a curly tail!

Natural selection, the cute pink ones get eaten by the gators, before you ask, yes, Gator tastes good.


Not for that reason, but have done it and then turn the radio down and make my wife think it’s coming from the radio. You would probably have to be there but it is hilarious.

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It’s OK I guess. I liked it best thinly slice, breaded and fried.

does hog bacon taste like what you get in the stores? better or worse? just curious.

from rockauto news letter. thought it was kind of funny.

Repair Mistakes & Blunders
Repair Mistakes & Blunders

It was a cold, wintry November morning when a customer pulled into the service drive, exited his Chevy Astro van, entered the warm service department reception area and excitedly told the service manager that we had screwed up his service the previous day.

Our service manager, Ed, said “Let’s go take a listen to your van,” and both he and the customer went out into the cold. The van started right up and sounded okay, but when it was driven forward or in reverse, there were some funny noises underneath the Astro van. Ed got out, kneeled down to look under the van and started chuckling louder and louder after he saw what was causing the noise. He asked the irate customer to kneel down so he could point out the problem. There were a dozen or more duck decoys strung together, much worse for the wear, caught on the van’s undercarriage. Some were even dragging behind the van with their lead weights causing them to bounce with some authority.

The customer could not believe that he had drug his own decoys out of his parking garage, down the main avenue of town and then jumped on poor Ed for something that he had caused. It was a scenario that we have enjoyed sharing for years and well into the future.

Tom in Idaho


A few years ago there were several news reports about hikers getting chased by a wild boar here in the San Jose area. The hikers claimed they had to run for their lives to escape. If true, this would be unusual behavior for a wild boar. They have a reputation for a bit of a nasty disposition, but if left alone they usually respond to human intrusion in kind. The police got into the action, thinking this must be a mean out of control boar, maybe has some sort of mental disease. They form an expedition, go out on the trail looking for it, boar sees them and sure enough, runs right toward them at full gallop (for a boar). It didn’t attack them though, just run up to them as if to say “hello”, acted very friendly. Turned out it wasn’t a wild boar; it was a domestic pig that somebody was raising as a pet, then when it got too big they turned it loose into a public open space park. It was just looking for its owners.

They can be very agressive.

One of our high school teacher’s vans was rammed by a wild boar . . . t-boned, actually

The van was really messed up and the damage was easily several thousand dollars

I work with a guy who loves to hunt wild hogs. He uses a couple of dogs and a knife. No way, man. Those hogs have two knives sticking out the sides of their face.

Wild boar bacon has to be better. It would be dry cured, and store bacon is almost always wet cured. Buy some dry cured bacon and compare it to wet cured. Dry cured will cost about twice as much as wet cured, and is clearly marked on the package as dry cured. Think twice before this experiment. You may never want to eat wet cured bacon again.

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The only thing with wild hog meat, it’s got to be tougher and have less fat. I think you have to know how to cook it. Same with deer meat, though. You can make it great or you can have a pile of shoe leather to chew.

Me, I cook a mean steak. My wife does the marinade. Sticking with what I’m good at. We went out to a new steakhouse last night. I wished I’d just cooked it myself :unamused:


Agree cooking wild meat is different than cooking what you get from the store.

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Speaking of cooking meat have any of y’all who live or been out west eaten buffalo it has all the same cuts as beef but to me it tastes a lot better?

I ate some buffalo meat in Wyoming on a hamburger. Kinda the same deal. Less fat, so drier. It was ok, but not great. Only time I’ve had the opportunity to try it, so I may not have gotten it cooked right. I wasn’t all that impressed.

The surrounding area (Yellowstone) was absolutely awesome, though.


Our Explorer Boy Scout troop would often go to that area for our summer camp out. The scout leaders figured out a way to bring canoes along, so part of the adventure was to put in right below the Jackson Lake outflow dam, then float down the Snake river to the Teton Visitor’s Center, very fun. The Snake in that area breaks apart a goes around little islands. When two segments of the river merged, huge whirlpools would form. My friend and I would purposely steer to the whirlpools, then let it take us 'round and 'round in circles w/o out having to do anything other than watch the scenery. The scout leader however was very frightened by the whirlpools, and when he approached them, instead of just relaxing and enjoying the experience, he’d freeze up, all his muscles would stiffen One time he got so animated he fell overboard and the scout in the canoe w/him watched him get pulled to the bottom by the whirlpool … the expression on his face was a bit of a worry according to the scout witness … then the scout leader popped up 20 yards down river and the scout pulled him back into the canoe … lol … definitely a beautiful area for a visit.

Agree it is awesome for me in the summertime not so much for the winter though as cold weather and southern blood don’t seem to mix to well. :roll_eyes: :innocent:

We can buy buffalo meat in WI. Camping at yellowstone did not see a bear, big black shape coming down the hill tuned out to be a moose, walked through our camp site while hiding in the car.

We used to e able to buy it here but have not see it in a very long time.

Hunting feral swine isn’t hunting, it’s war.