Find that Noise

I personally think this video is hilarious. But if I was the person looking for that noise - No matter how hard they looked, they’d never find the body of the other guy.

Mechanic Failed to Diagnose the Clicking noise on cars wheel :rofl: Prank - YouTube


Uploading a 25 lb bag of lime to Mike

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Shop owner might not be too happy to see employees wasting billable time like that.


Hopefully they bill the customer after seeing the video. I really hate all these trick videos. So many fake pranks and people think it is funny, I do not. Now it is funny to shoot out transformers and put 44,000 people out of power.


Ahh, there’s always 2-3 minutes for a little good-hearted fun.

A favorite thing that I used to do was after a t-belt, cylinder head, or other engine repair was to stand by with a metal coffee can containing a few nuts and bolts. And as soon as the engine fired off rattle the can around. Scares the cr@p out of a guy… :laughing:

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Here catch (throwing charged condenser!) Was funny in high school.

My younger brother didn’t think so.

I did not like it much either, rinse and repeat to the newbies!

You’ve experience doing this before? :grinning:

Ive always kept a bag of lime around. Handy for mixing plaster or mortar ( cough cough).

We keep it for the outhouse at the cabins if needed!

You rent the cabins out, Barky?

No, but always up for visitors. responded in the snow thing, have to measure the space between the logs that support the boards for the roof. I was a kid, they put in a fake pull chain because I came in crying I could not flush it. Yes we have toilets in the cabins, and you will have to move my golf clubs if you want to use the outhouse. @bing and I came close to a day on the links, but if I can’t trust you who can I trust?

I don’t golf anymore except for goofy golf. I did have the experience of cutting up and hauling away the outhouse aft the cemetery though. After 50 years of non use, there was luckily no hole anymore. I did not send the wall scratching to they historical society either.

Lol, i was about to ask who would pay money to rent a place that required the use of an outhouse to do ones business!

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There are collectors that like to go through the old hole looking for stuff, To keep it car related rumor has it the original builders cut up model A parts when building the stone and mortar chimney. For years the smoke when lighting a fire would build up in the main cabin, mr fix it me, found out the dampers only opened halfway do to rust!

@Barkydog Its car related. Car pulling trailer to dump. If they would like to look I’ll show them where the hole was and they can dig as deep as they want as long as they fill it in again. It is a cemetery though with not all plots recorded so who knows what they would find. Recommend digging during the day.

I am into metal detecting, and there is a creed not to do cemeteries as many times gold coins were placed on the beloved deceased.

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Back in the early 80’s when I moved to NH, some guy bought a piece of property which came with a grave yard that the original owners (1600’s) were buried in. He had a metal detector and went over the site. One of the grave sites wasn’t actually a grave…but buried GOLD…a small fortune if I recall correctly. Been sitting in the ground for centuries.

My mother’s family did, albeit many years ago.
Believe it or not, quite a few of the older buildings in NYC’s Greenwich Village still had outhouses, as late as the 1930s. When her family moved uptown, sometime in the '30s, that was the first time that they had the luxury of an indoor toilet and central heating.