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Thinking about a car phone

I’m thinking about getting a device that will allow me to attach my iPhone to my 2008 Subaru Outback which would allow me use the phone nearly hands free and without an electronic device stuck in my ear. Anyone have any suggestions?

I have a suggestion. Don’t use the phone while you drive…at all.

I think you’ll end up going with an external bluetooth speakerphone module, or a new stereo that is capable of bluetooth connectivity (assuming that your existing stereo doesn’t have that). Bluetooth is where it’s at, man.

An iPhone is not bluetooth enabled? So much for high tech.

iPhones are bluetooth-equipped.

“Nearly” hands free? If you need to use the phone, pull over and stop. DO NOT use the phone while you are driving. Please. It’s been demonstrated conclusively that talking on a cell phone (hands free or otherwise) while driving is equivalent to driving drunk. I don’t know why it’s not illegal.

it is now illegal here in the uk to use a hand-held mobile phone ,but you can use hands free,which in my opinion is just as bad!i agree you should pull over to answer the phone.

Please don’t use a portable phone while driving . . . your focus changes from your driving task to the conversation, and you risk my life as well as yours. If you need to make a call or the phone rings, pull over to a safe spot and have the conversation. Rocketman

Actually, the study that you’re referring to found that having a hands-free phone conversation is on par with having a simple in-person conversation.

The link to the BBC article:

how did we ever manage before cell phones?

We managed quite well, but we managed in a different world. Like it or not, human communication dynamics change with and because of advances in technology

shut up and drive

Mcparadise didn’t specify a particular study concerning cell phone usage and drunken driving. The correct study was performed by the University of Utah and published in 2006 in the journal Human Factors. It did indeed find that cell phone usage while driving was the equivalent of a blood alcohol of .08%, the legal limit for DUI in most US states. And it wasn’t because of the use of handhelds, it was the act of conversing which tied up the same part of the brain that is used for cognitive actions required of driving.

If the OP is looking for advice on what sort of device to get, he’s probably past the point of caring about the wisdom of his actions.

Sorry I cannot help you. I just use a regular cell stuck to my ear (shortly typically).

The balance of the posts here are pretty lame. I would suggest checking out a cell phone forum, car talk is the wrong forum for this question as you can see by responses.

You might want to contact Apple directly and ask if there’s anything you can buy for your phone/car. I’m assuming you’re talking about one of those cradles you can stick on your vent or center console.