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Do recalls expire?

I just found out there was a recall noticed in 2003 from the ignition control module on my Saturn 2002 L200. The car has 165,000 miles on it and has begun to idle rough. My mechanic said it might be the ignition control module. I know Saturn isn’t around any more, but would GM replace my ICM for free under this recall. I did call the Saturn recall hotline and a recording told me there are no current “open” recalls on my car.

Recall ? I Don’t See A Recall. Have You Checked The NHTSA Site For A Recall Pertaining To Your Make/Model/Model-Year ? It Shouldn’t Expire If You Can Find One And Should Be Honored By GM.


I Do See A Recall At NHTSA. It Covers 00-03 Saturn L-Series Equipped With 2.2L Engines. It Is For Failure Of The Ignition Module.


I’d have a GM dealer check this out and see if applies to your vehicle.