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Odometer increased 600,000 miles after maintenance

I took my Saturn 2002 L200 with 172,000 miles on it for overheating issues. Overheat light was still on when I got my car back. Mechanic put it on the computer & scanned. Didn’t show any problems. But noticed my mileage was now reading 890,000 miles. My mechanic has been trying to figure out what happened. Anyone have a solution of what happened & how to correct?

call Guinness Books of world records…

What did the mechanic do to fix the overheating issue? Seems not the right thing since the light is still on. Maybe inadvertently changed the mileage with his computer.

replaced water pump & sensor

Overheat light is no longer on but airbag light is on.

That is a known problem. GM has a campaign to reprogram the Body control module to prevent that from happening. The software update won’t restore the odometer once it has changed however.



All Saturn Retailers and Service Providers

Saturn has decided that certain 2001 and 2002 model year L-Series vehicles were produced with Body Control Module (BCM) software that has a potential to calculate odometer values inaccurately. This can occur only after the vehicle has accumulated approximately 20,000 miles and the battery is then disconnected or power is interrupted for other reasons. In addition, certain 2000, 2001 and 2002 L-Series vehicles serviced with a replacement Body Control Module may exhibit the same condition.

To prevent the possibility of this condition occurring, retailers will upgrade the BCM software.

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Thank you Nevada_545!

Maybe those two guys that worked in the parking garage in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off work at this shop? :wink:

So you keep disconnecting the battery again until you get a better mileage. How bad can it get?

Be sure and print out as much documentation as possible concerning the bulletin, repair, etc. If you ever try to sell this car, you will need a way to explain the uber high mileage.

In Minnesota, on a title change, you just report that the mileage on the odometer is not the actual mileage. For me though, I’d want to at least be able to calculate the actual mileage, so yeah document the change for the future.

yeah, keep doing it until it rolls over (99999999) and you get the desired mileage you want (00001234). :grinning:

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