2003 Saturn Recalled Ignition Switch Headaches

My 2003 Saturn was recalled for the ignition switch, so I took the car in to the local GM dealer in Davenport, IA. Once the work was done I noticed immediately that the key often stops at “accessory” and doesn’t move to “off.” In accessory, of course, I can’t remove the key. This is with the new switch, although I’d had a similar problem though not as often with the old key. I called the mechanic who told me to bring the car back in for lubrication. I thought he was talking about lubricating the ignition switch. The guy lubricated the gear shift and told me that the problem is that there is a lot of “gunk” around the gear shift because of spilled soda pop. I don’t drink soda pop. He’d sprayed more goo at the base of the gear shift. The problem persisted while he was standing there, so he then told me that I’m not pressing the button on the gear shift hard enough when I shift into park.

I’m a 69 year old woman and felt like I couldn’t argue with this guy. Do you agree with his diagnosis? What do I do now?

You do have to push the button hard enough. Maybe GM is now going for overkill because the older switches were too easy to go to the off position, without even pushing the button.

if the guy was intimidating you and had a condescending attitude it raises red flags for me. can you take someone with you who is not easily intimidated and knows a bit about cars? maybe the shifter button parts are wearing out and its a pain to repair them. warrantee work is apparently unpopular with dealer mechanics from what I ve learned on this forum.

is it it hard to press the shift button? I ve had buttons that got hard to press and they failed soon after. the parts do wear out

you can give them a second chance or go somewhere else.

Thanks for the comments. I’ll ask my regular mechanic (who wasn’t allowed to do the recall work.

) Oops!