Do I still have to remove my tints even if I pay the full ticket amount without correcting it?

They have statutes on tint in OK but it seems to be seldom if ever enforced. Seems many law enforcement vehicles have very dark tint also.
The OP can leave the tint but has to be prepared to be ticketed again; especially if the same officer sees him.

A lady here in OK was ticketed years ago for throwing a sunflower seed husk out of the car window. A single husk from something that grows wild all over the place.

As for bubbling tint, the heat and sun here plays havoc with tint after some years and makes it near impossible to see out of the rear windows with compound curves.

To answer the OP’s question, in Tennessee you can just pay the fine and not remove the tint. The fine is only $25. My son has a black car with a black interior so his tint looks darker than it really is. He has been pulled over several times and the officer would hook a meter over the window to measure the tint, it always passed. One cop did not have a tint meter and gave him a ticket. He just paid the fine and hasn’t gotten one since.

So in effect you are saying that for $25 you can buy a license to have tinted windows? Now that doesn’t sound right.

No he is saying the tint was legal, and not worth fighting over for $25.


His tint is legal.

Yes appears so but just paid the fine anyway. Any fine I’ve ever paid though you are pleading guilty by paying it.

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