Do I still have to remove my tints even if I pay the full ticket amount without correcting it?

I just got a window tint ticket, and the officer told me I needed to correct it. I was just wondering if its possible to just pay the full amount of the ticket without removing them?

yes but you will probably get another ticket cost 2x’s as much next time.
you can have tinted windows as long as they are up to code in your state.


The thing with laws is that it is dependent on a particular instance. So if you speed one day and get a ticket, then speed the next day and get a ticket, you will have two tickets for two offenses.

You generally have 15-30 days to correct an equipment violation though, but yes you do have to remove your tints as you call them. Police like to see what they are dealing with when they stop a car.


Phone or visit your local police department and ask them. This sort of problem is often referred to as a “fixer ticket”, and all you have to do is correct the problem and show it to the police department, and there’s no or just a minor fine. If you don’t remove the tint, I expect the answer is yes, you must correct the problem irrespective of how much fine you pay. But like I say, no harm asking. While there ask if there are different tinting regulations for one window vs another. It may be that some of the windows won’t have to have their tinting removed.


Read the document they gave you. It will say whether or not it is a fixit ticket or or other infraction, what the fine is if any, the specific statute that was violated so you can look it up, how long you have, how to plea and so on. It’s all there.

The only one I ever got was from Iowa for a headlight and I don’t remember if there was a fine or not. I know I had to send a post card or something in to prove the repair. I had just driven 1400 miles non stop and stuff wears out.


Unless you want to keep getting pulled over, yes. I know Utah is very picky about how dark you can have the front glass but then we’ve only had the factory tinted glass in our cars.

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Of course you still are violating the law if you don’t remove the tint from the offending windows. If you get arrested and pay a fine because you were beating up your wife, does that mean that now you can do it again? No. In fact, the next time the punishment will be even worse.


Still a free country, you can leave the tint on, just be ready to accept consequences for your illegal actions, so why do we have laws?


Depending on the state, you may have to have proof from a shop, or have the vehicle inspected the law enforcement agency that gave you the ticket.

A second ticket for the same violation could also get you car impounded.

Read your ticket carefully

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Remove it. We have friends that moved to Texas and bought a car with dark tinted windows. When they moved back a couple years later, they sold the car. The only reason they sold it was that the tint was too dark for my state and they didn’t want to remove the tint. They knew they couldn’t register it because it was against the law to have dark tinted windows.

Or become a law enforcement officer. A friend is a cop, she went with limousine black on all her windows, she just shows her badge—no ticket.
I have had windows tinted at legal levels, on several cars. Will not do that again, eventually the tint will bubble, scratch, or discolor.

Yep, just like politicians, they want a different set of rules for them compared to us peons. They get to drive around in unmarked vehicles, with limo tint all the way around–even on the windshield so we can’t see their face. In any case, “window tint too dark” is one of many B.S. excuses used to conduct traffic stops on a pretext.

As long as the windshield isn’t tinted, and the tint on the driver’s and front passenger’s windows is not dark enough to materially affect the driver’s ability to see, it should not be a problem. It’s not as if there is a major problem of people shooting at policemen through their still-closed windows in states which allow very dark tint (such as here in Arizona). So the idea that minimal tint should be allowed for the “safety” of law enforcement officers is a bunch of manure.

Did you install tint? Knowing the tint laws in your city?

Tint is easy to remove. A spray bottle of water with a few drops of dish soap, a trash bag and warm sunshine. Wet the glass, apply a torn open trash bag to the entire surface, rub it flat with a towel. Let it sit in the sun for an hour or 2. Tint peels right off.

I tried the various methods, some of the tint came off okay, some required a razor blade scraper.

Yep had that problem on a class C camper the the tint was on it when I bought it the tint was on all the windows execpt the windshield and driver and passenger side windows.

I’ve had several cars and trucks professionally done, NEVER had this happen. The tint on my 97 Honda lasted at least to 2014 and still looked new. The only one’s that bubbled and peeled was a DIY I did on my 97 Nissan truck and my 79 Dodge Colt.

Our RDX came with heavy tint on all windows except the windshield and front side windows. Legal everywhere.

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Granted, took about 6 years for the bubbles to form along the grid on the rear window defogger. About ten years for the side windows to scratch to the point of requiring removal.

If you can’t see drivers face in car behind you, it’s too dark.