Speeding traffic ticket, thanks


I received a speeding ticket, and the officer put the wrong date to pay or appear, wrong date, and year, well, when i went to see the judge, he said he has never heard of this law, and if i could prove tickets have been beaten this way he would help me get it removed, thanks, its my 1st in 10 years, and i had a real decent reason for speeding, if there is one, thanks.

Sorry I don’t buy decent reason for speeding, even though I have felt that way a few times. In fact I got off once, I was on my MC visiting a young lady and I had put my helmet in the back of her convertible. We were both leaving and she got out before I could get the helmet. I chased after her on my bike and I got pulled over for speeding. When I explained to the cop and he saw her stopped ahead he decided it was a good reason and told me to tell her, she was also speeding. Don’t count on that happing next time.

As for the ticket, that would depend on local laws and case law. It sounds like you are going to have to find the case law or a statute reference if you are going to get out of that one.

It totally depends on your locality. If you’re in a place where the officer has to be there for a hearing, then the officer can easilly correct the informaton and chances are the Judge will let him, although a slick lawyer could probably prevent him. In states that let the officer do the “fill-in-the-blanks” form, you can probably get off if you can prove you weren’t there at the time he wrote down, although often these hearings are nothing more than rubber stamps for whatever the officer says.

Since it’s your first ticket in ten years, I wouldn’t worry about it and try and go for some sort of suspended sentance. Most places will give you a deal where you don’t have to pay the fine and it stays off your record if you don’t get another one in 6 months to a year.

What is meant by the wrong date?
If you show up on the date written on the ticket and the officer does not appear then the ticket is generally dismissed.

I’m not 100% certain on this but I thought when Congress passed the Uniform Traffic Code some years back that things were usually standardized. This was passed to prevent abuses that used to occur in which local cops would simply nail anybody from out of the town, county, or state, issue them tickets, and then the driver was forced to immediately put up cash or go to jail. This was especially true in the old Justice of the Peace systems which those of you old enough may remember.

You did not state your “real decent reason” for speeding, but unless it was related to a serious injury or life and death situation any reason you have is not going to go over very well. Speeding to the airport to catch a plane or running late for work is not a valid defense.