Car window tinting

Hi there,

we bought a Volvo XC60 within the last month. We went to get the windows tinted today and had a bad experience, and the whole tint job had to be removed. Is it possible to have these cars tinted post purchase or did it really need to be factory fitted?

I have had mine done locally by an independent shop. They did a fine job. The trick is to find a good shop. I asked around and found two people who had used the shop I did. The only thing I regret is that I should have had a little deeper tint done.

Thanks that’s good to know. I had been told that the XC60 front door window channels were too deep to be able to get the tinting right to the edge.

It can be done after…HOWEVER…many states frown on this. Some have very strict laws. Check with your DMV to determine what the law is in your state.

Actually, if the shop is reputable, they’ll know what the legal limit is in the state. If they tell you the mirrored or limo/privacy tint is legal all around, shop somewhere else, just tell them you’re shopping for prices.

It can be done after the fact. You have to find a pro shop to get good results, though. If you try to do it yourself, expect to fail. The film you can buy at the auto parts store or Walmart is not the same stuff the pros use and you will seldom get good results, especially if the glass is curved, like any back window on any modern car.