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Do I have a virus, or is this website gong throuhg changes

I have been here a bit but now all of the sudden the fonts and style of the page has changed, is this happening to anyone else?

Ok Chrome looks normal but firefox does not, going to IE next.

Appears ok to me on Firefox, Chrome and IE.

It renders OK on my IE, but the website has recently had a cosmetic facelift and that’s made it a bit unstable. It shifts as you mouse across the buttons along the top and as you change pages and return to the main page. Kinda disturbing, and it should be easy to fix.

Right at this very moment I am on Firefox and it is all normal.

I have, however, more than once considered asking - is this one of the most unreliable websites in anyone else’s experience? It just seems to crash or disappear and have strange problems like the one waterboy reported more often than most.

I’ve found that the website effectively freezes if you try a post while any updates are being made by the web lackys. Attempting to continue the process by again pushing the Enter button causes an additional post to “backup”, and all efforts post at once when the site clears. That’s caused me to multiple-post a few times, and based on my observations aome other regulars have had the same experience.

It is one of the most troublesome web-sites I’ve every been on…HOWEVER…this is by far the business web-site I use besides Google or Yahoo.