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DIY Scanning App

Does anybody have a suggestion for the best Android Scan Tool App that would connect to the OBD port via Bluetooth? (I haven’t bought the bluetooth OBD port yet, I figured I’d get the app first then get the one that the app says works best with it)

For the DYI, look at
BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android

It cost $100, but is well worth it.

I originally bought the Torque Pro scanner for $20, but realized I needed more as soon as needed to scan for a bad ABS wheel sensor.

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free things like Torque work fine as a basic reader and code-cleaner, but do not help much when you ned to read freeze-frame data

I used one, it used to give a free promo period before, not sure about now, they also have android version

this dongle worked fine for me: , it worked with virtually every software I tried it with

if you don’t mind spending around $40 for a good adapter, your risk of getting an incompatible adapter is greatly reduced, look at this page:

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For Ford cars and trucks, ForScan has a pretty good scanning capture utility. OBD Fusion’s capture is pretty good, too. Both are better on a bigger screen so a 7 to 10 inch Android tablet is ideal. OBD Fusion has additional cost modules for specific cars but can read deep in the various ECU’s that interest you beyond just the PCM.

I’ve gotten a couple of cheap Bluetooth ELM327 dongles (less than $15) and both work fine with both programs as well as Torque Pro.

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