Bluetooth OBD II scanner - Best Bang for Buck

I have an ABS wheel speed sensor problem. However, my old cheap scanner doesn’t get the codes. I saw this scanner online that shows the realtime data from each of the wheel sensors so that I could spin each of the wheels and see that ithey are working. Do any of the bluetooth apps/scanners show that detail?


Would this do the same thing?

Isn’t it all about the software, and whether or not the software is locked to specific hardware? The interfaces are all the same. Either they don’t work or they do.

Thought maybe some didn’t connect with everything…?

I don’t read it has ABS capability.


It might. I think it is more dependent on the phone-paired app you choose and what the car manufacturer has chosen to interface through the OBD2 port.

I have that Veepeak unit and believe it to be a genuine chip rather than Chinese clone. That matters for some modules.

Take a look at OBDFusion app and see what specific modules it can connect to for your specific car. It does cost extra for each vehicle interface beyond the basic standard OBD2 sensors.

I bought the Veepeak and used the OBD Jscan app. It worked great! Scanned the ABS module and had options for scanning a bunch more. Thanks