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Torque OBD2 App for Android

Has anyone bought and used the Android App called Torque? Its an application that when used with a OBD2 bluetooth adapter you can moniter your cars CPU and read fault codes and sensor data.

I have an Android OP phone, this would be useful. How much was the ap and the cable/adapter? My car already has bluetooth setup for the phone, will that work?

I haven’t tried it, but was planning on getting the Bluetooth adapter needed. You can find them for $20-40 on ebay.

The app is $4.77 and the adapter looks like between $50-150.00 depending on the supplier, although the app creater warns against cheap Chinese ones. The bluetooth adapter plugs into the diagnostic port below the dash and the android app communicates with the blutooth info

It gets good reviews on the Android forums, but take that with a grain of salt, since not everyone with an Android phone is good with cars :wink:

There’s a video of the program in action. Looks like it not only reads ECU data, but uses the accelerometers and other sensors built in to the phone to give you some more data.

As with any computer program that interfaces with a device, it’s only as good as the device. So a cheap/inaccurate bluetooth ECU reader may feed the phone bad data.

All that said, might have to pick that up.

your car’s built in bluetooth isn’t hooked in to the ECU (at least, not completely) and so you can’t use it to monitor the ECU readings.

There are warnngs on those cheap ebay adapters. I would go with one from a reputable company.

Man, that’d be really cool if it could use the BT setup most new cars have already, though.

I would assume the Bluetooth is built in to the reader and doesn’t use (or need) a car’s built-in Bluetooth.