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OBDII Software

I have an ODBII interface that plugs into the port, and sends the data via Bluetooth to my smartphone. I’m using Torque Pro on my phone, but it doesn’t do a great job with real time data. Anyone have any suggestions of other Android software? Thanks.

Are you sure that the Bluetooth interface or the microprocessor can handle the data load?

I would recommend OBD Fusion. It has a better real time data graphing function and you can export it. It should use the same Bluetooth adaptor.

I don’t know, but it meets the ELM 327 protocol, so it should.

Thanks, I just downloaded it. Will play with it later today

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Interfuse sells ELM327 devices, and recommends Torque for Android. There is a Torque Free that you might also try. If you like it, there have a paid application that I’m sure unlocks more features.

BTW, this company recommends software for all major platforms. If you use Windows, iOS, OSX, or Linux, they recommend something.