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Best OBD scanners under $100

There have been a lot of Bluetooth OBD scanners that have come on the market over the last couple years. I’m looking to update my old clunky scanner that just spits codes out at me, and trade up to something more full featured that I can use with my iPad. Does anybody have any recommendations for something under $100?

The best can depend on what kind of car you have but…

Torque Pro is an app for your smart phone or tablet that has a free version or the up-rated version costs $5. The ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 plug-in adapter costs about $10 to $35 on Amazon. There are lots, get the app first and see which they recommend.

The same Bluetooth device will work with many different scanner apps. Forscan is a Ford-specific app that allows access to ABS/TCS, airbag and PCM codes. Far deeper scans than Torque Pro. I think it was $20

A search of any forum specific to your car will likely have recommendations on deep scan apps.

Torque Pro is Android only. There is a Torque on IOS, but it’s not from the same developer which means at best someone stole the name and at worst it does things other than engine diagnostics when you’re not looking.

OBD Fusion ($10) looks like the closest thing to Torque on the Apple store.

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If you are willing to go deeper in diagnostics and not afraid to spend closer to $100, here is a very good piece of software for Mac and PC:

they also have a mobile phone version, but it is lesser functional, although lesser expensive as well

Missed that… but I don’t reside in the Apple core of users! :rofl: