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Disk Change

I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner. I need to replace the front rotors but there is a little “bowler” cap covering the locknut. I have tried to twist, hammer or just brute strength trying to remove it with no success. There is no hint of it in the manuals as far as I can see, so how can they be removed?

You have to remove the tire/wheel before the grease cap can be removed.


I know that. That cap stays on until after the tire/wheel is removed. That is where the fun begins.

I have always had good luck with a BIG pair of Channel-Locks…Adjust them so they fit the cap properly, head-on, not from the side, and start rocking the pliers up and down…

Usually they’ll pop off with a BMFSD (BIG screwdriver) and a hammer. A warming touch with a propane torch should loosen up any crud keeping them on. I’m sure soaking with a penetrating lube would work too.