Anyone ever taken the rotors off a Toyota 4x4?

I need to pull the rotor/hub assembly off of my '89 Toyota 4x4 pickup. I’ve got it down to the point where there is an enormous nut with a little tabbed washer thingee on the back of it to stop it from spinning. The step-by-steps I’ve been reading say to simply bend the tabs back and “remove the nut” with a picture of someone effortlessly pulling it off with their hands. I have bent the tabs back, and the darn thing won’t move. I tried grabbing it with a big set of vice grips, but it won’t budge.

My next step would be to get a huge costly socket and use a breaker bar to get it off, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be on there that tight-- it’s not a spindle nut, it’s a stationary nut that holds the bearings in. Does anyone remember doing this job? Was the big socket necessary? Any other ideas?