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Dodge Neon Rear Drum Question

Just replaced the front brake pads and had the rotors turned. No problems there.

Wanted to inspect the rear drum brakes. Took off tire, the little keeper, and loosened the brake adjustment the until the drum turned free. Used some WD-40 and a little “persuasion” with a hammer. No dice.

Does the bearing cap need to come off? If so how as the cap is flush and I don’t see anyplace to pry or pull.

I’m not familar with those rear brake drums. I would guess that they separate from the hub assembly, and drum comes off without the studs, the studs stay on the hub which is bolted to the axle. Why don’t you do a google search and try to find a picture of your exact set up. That is usually what I do when I’m not familar with something. That google, it’s a wonderful tool. If it has an actual bearing cap, then yes, pry it off and remove the cotter pin, nut(s), outer bearing, and drum assembly.

What year Neon? Our 95 has moved on to the Great Junkyard in the Sky, but I think the drums were held on by a pair of Phillips Head machine screws. But even with them removed (if they actually exist anywhere but in my imagination), getting the drums off was not fun. You may need to use a wheel puller which will indeed require removing the bearing cap.