How the heck to I remove the drums on my Toyota pckup?

Hi! I really need to replace the rear brake shoes on my truck but they seem to be frozen in place. I’ve tried a gear puller as well as some persuasion with a hammer. I’ve done drums before on other vehicles and never had this trouble. Am I missing something???

Do the drums have access holes to screw bolts into??? My pathfinder and wifes Accord’s did. Both used a 2 8mm bolt. You screw them in alternating between the two and they pulled the drum off the shoes. If they don’t have the bolt holes you may have to heat the drums to expand them a little. Also make sure the parking brake isn’t on…and see if you can adjust the brake manually to loosen their grip.

Thanks Mike, It does have those holes and I screwed the bolts in until the holes stripped out. I heated the drum with my torch and wailed on it with a hammer too. I’m glad I was at least trying what worked for you. The brakes aren’t holding them, I think they’re just rusted to the hubs.

Hey! Last night after giving up I sprayed penetrating oil all over it. Went out to beat on it this morning and the thing came lose! The brakes holding it from coming off now but that oil actually worked! First time that’s worked for me.

Are there one or two Phillips head screws holding the drums to the axle?? If so, they must be removed first…Spray the center and the wheel lugs with PB-Blaster, let that soak in, and try again. You can always re-tap the bolt-holes you stripped to the next larger size…

Good. That’s what I was going to suggest. If all else fails, the gear puller will get the hub off now although the brake shoes, springs, et. al. may come out as a collection dissociated parts. A liberal application of anti-sieze to the hubs and the part of the drum that mates to them cured our Camry of hub affixation syndrome. Hopefully it will do the same for your pickup truck.

Just a reminder: Be sure the parking brake isn’t on.