Disconnect security system in 1997 Subaru Legacy


How can I disconnect a factory installed security system in my 1997 Subaru Legacy wagon?? When I get out of my car and return after a few minutes from shopping. etc. and using my remote or use the automatic door buttons, it locks down and I can’t start it. I have to wait for about 30 minutes for it to recycle.This is getting old. I need to cut the correct wires, etc. and remove this tumor from my car!! At 11 years old, it does not need a security system!! Help. . . .


Need help to disconnect security system…


It’s not as simple as cutting a wire to disable a security/alarm system. If it were, all the thieves would be doing it; then, it would be worthless as a security/alarm system.
It will cost you about $150, plus or minus, to have an AUTOMOTIVE ALARM AND SECURITY SPECIALIST to disable the system for you. Look in your Yellow Pages.


Alternately, you’ll need a factory wire diagram for the car, and track down the location of the security system module. Cutting wires may not be enough. There may be some wires that need to be jumped to bypass the security module. My factory Supra alarm system is like that. The module is tucked up way under the dash, where disassembly is required, and have to jump three wires to unlock the starter and ECM to totally by-pass the factory alarm.