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Disarming security system on 2003 subaru outback

Help!! I need to disarm the security system on a 2003 subaru outback and cannot figure out how to do it. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Locate the fuse that powers it and remove that fuse…This may also disable some other wanted feature…

thanks! I’ll give it a try.

Do you have the Owner’s Manual?
If you do, simply follow the instructions for putting the security system into “Valet Mode”.

If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, I will give you the directions, but I would also advise you to get a manual.


"[i]When you choose valet mode, the security system does not operate. In valet mode, the remote transmitter is used only for locking and unlocking the doors (and the rear gate on the station wagon), as well as panic activation. The parking lights do not flash when the remote transmitter is used for locking and unlocking.

To enter valet mode, open the driver’s door and keep the unlock/disarm button on your remote depressed for more than 2 seconds. The security system indicator light on the instrument panel will continue to flash 2 times per second, indicating that the system is in valet mode"[/i]

As the old saying goes, “when all else fails, read the instructions”.

I do not have a key fob and my valet mode twice blinking light on Subaru outback 2003 is flashing all the time and running my battery down. How can I rearm the system of disable the entire thing using only a manual twist turning key.

This should help you out.

  1. Valet mode or alarm off: alarm light (red dot center dashboard display) rapidly flashing 3 times means the alarm is in “Valet” mode and is not setable. The light will stop flashing when you start the car.
    To set valet mode or just to disable the security alarm system: 1. unlock all doors 2. physically open the driver’s door 3. hold the UNLOCK button on remote for 2+ seconds or so. The red ‘security’ light will then flash 2 times a second until the car is turned on.

I do not have a remote. Thanks for trying to help.

I suggest you purchase a used remote from Ebay. They are fairly reasonable there. If you decide to do that, be sure to verify you are getting the correct remote for your model year.


Be VERY cautious when looking for a used key fob! There will often be different FCC IDs and chipsets within the same model year depending on trim and which factory it’s coming out of.
Also, know that you’re almost certainly going to need to have a locksmith sync the key to your car. One 03 Outback key wont open every 03 Outback in the mall parking lot…
That said, I do believe getting yourself a fob is the right way to get into valet mode and disarm the system. I can’t recommend pulling fuses without knowing, exactly, what you’re doing.