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Valet mode on 2002 Subaru Outback stuck on

The key fob hasn’t worked for years. Now the security light is twice blinking 24/7 and draining my battery. It somehow got stuck in Valet Mode and need help. I am and will forever be grateful for any assistance.

Try this procedure:

  1. Valet mode or alarm off: alarm light (red dot center dashboard display) rapidly flashing 3 times means the alarm is in “Valet” mode and is not setable. The light will stop flashing when you start the car.
    To set valet mode or just to disable the security alarm system: 1. unlock all doors 2. physically open the driver’s door 3. hold the UNLOCK button on remote for 2+ seconds or so. The red ‘security’ light will then flash 2 times a second until the car is turned on.

There are several videos on youtube explaining how to re-program for fob. Try that

Apparently this person does not have a working remote .

I am very grateful to have my Subaru out of 24/7 flashing valet mode. I ordered a new key fob on eBay and it arrived. I went out to my car and got in, opened and shut the door, inserted the key, and turned it off and on 10 times (the horn chirped), opened and shut the door, pushed the orange lock button (the horn chirped twice), took out the key (the horn chirped three times). The valet light was still flashing. I opened and closed the car door and then pressed the unlock blue button for 2 seconds and DONE. Finally, that light has stopped draining my battery. Many thanks to all involved, especially the genius that suggested I buy a new remote off eBay (only set me back $21.00). Stay safe in these trying times by staying home. Sincerely, Lynn


Happy to hear every thing worked out for you without spending bir $$$$. Thank you for the follow up.

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Unless my math is off i really cant imagine that the Valet mode LED could ever drain your battery… maybe in 6 mos to a year possibly… but not much sooner. The drain of that LED is almost difficult to measure its so low

So… be prepared to have continued battery problems, same as before.

Unless im totally off my rocker… Maybe some of the intelligent folk here can actually calculate the true stats on LED batt drain time… but my guess is that it would be a loooong time.