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Disable the horn when the fob lock is used

I have an 04 Odyssey. It is a great car except for one thing: when the lock button is pressed on the key fob (on the second press) the horn sounds. Since I have OCD tendencies for locking my car, the horn sounds and it is very irritating to me and everyone else within earshot. Is there any way to disbale the horn from sounding when the key fob lock button is pressed? Is there a wire somewhere I can cut? Or is OCD therapy the only solution?

My Accord allows me to silence the horn when locking the vehicle. The lights flash, telling me the car is locked, but there’s no noise.

The owner’s manual showed me how to change the settings. Read the manual.

Every car that I have ever owned with remote locking capability also featured the ability to do the remote lock/unlock process with or without an accompanying chirp or honk–at the driver’s choosing.

As mcp stated, there is a very strong probability that this vehicle has the same capability, and that information would be contained in…the Owner’s Manual.

Truthfully, I don’t think that I will ever understand why so few people ever seem to refer to their Owner’s Manual, which would have information on this topic as well as virtually everything else that someone might need to know about the safe, enjoyable, and economical operation of his/her vehicle.

fbrusca–Even if this is the first time that you have ever looked at the Owner’s Manual, this would be an excellent opportunity to learn lots of things about your vehicle!


I’ve been through the owners manual dozens of times. I’ve even dome repeated searches of PDF versions. I also searched through the mini-manual for the Honda door locking system.

Alas, there is no information on disabling the alarming horn sounding. That may exist in other Honda models/years, but it is completely missing from the '04 Odyssey documentation.

Another product “improvement.”

My 09 Rondo works the same way, press the FOB once, the doors lock & the lights flash.

Press it twice & the horn honks. I just dont press the second time.

What happens on the first press? Aren’t the doors locked then?

Is there an option to press a lock button while in the car that locks the doors once you exit? If so does the horn sound then?

When you press it once, all the doors lock.

Press it again, now the security alarm system is activated. The honk tells you the alarm is activated.

Why don’t you just press it once?

If you use the key and manually lock the doors (I know, very old fashioned, and labor intensive) by turning to lock 2 times don’t all the doors lock anyways. But what’s the fun of not using the button just because you have it.