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Ray's Column is Spot On About Annoying Key-initiated Horn Honks

Just like the reader who wrote in to ask Ray, I’ve always wondered why the car manufacturer’s choose to build-in that annoying horn honk feature when the key fob button is pressed. I’ve been woken up early in the morning by neighbors doing that, and I’ll bet there’s been countless hours of lost sleep all across America because of this nonsensical function. It’s completely unnecessary, as turning the lights on and off accomplishes the same thing. I’d be quite happy if the gov’t ordered that feature banned from new car designs, in order to preserve peace and quiet. Good for you reader-of-Ray’s-column!!

Some cars allow you to turn some beeps off. My 3 current cars lock and unlock with no sound, just light flash. If I hit the lock button twice, 2 of the cars will beep.

My departed Saab, chirped twice lock, once unlock, three times with the truck release and we couldn’t turn it off.

Status thing, maybe?

I can think of a few reasons why the honk is part of the process.

1- In a parking lot, where many cars look alike, the honk can be used to help find your vehicle. I have used this at state fairs and assorted festivals.
2- The honk can confirm that you have actually locked your car. My car beeps quietly on the first key press and then honks on the second. This has proven useful when locking my car in noisier environments, such as New York City.
3- The honk signals potential thieves canvassing an area that your vehicle is locked. Thieves often scope out a vehicle and, if the owner is prone to not locking it, they target it for theft. The “honk” tells them that your car is not going to be an easy target.
4- You’ve done well if you’re still reading this, but this is really the best use of the “honk”. When people are walking past your car, it is fun to “honk” them and watch their reactions from afar. Remember to keep your fob in your pocket when you do this or they will bust you and those with no sense of humor will scold you.

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I don’t like the honk either. My 2017 Accord uses a soft beep to tell you the doors are locked if you use the fob or push the button on the front door handles. There are two beeps to signify that the trunk is open when using the fob or the button under the trunk lid. While this won’t help me find the car, there isn’t a panic button that will honk the horn and flash the lights.

My 2010 Kia Forte gives you a choice when locking with the fob. One push, lights flash and all doors lock. Second push within 4 seconds, lights flash and horn gives a light beep. 99% of the time I lock the doors with the armrest switch as I exit.

I can choose if I want it or not and I like it. I never use it in a residential area but when walking away from the car at a store I don’t have to look at the car just listen for the honk to know it’s locked.

Since this post is still alive. Both my car and truck require two clicks for the horn. First click locks them and flashes the lights, the only time I beep the horn if walking away from them in a parking lot and wasn’t sure if I locked them.
Having said that, on both vehicles, with the foc in my pocket, something in my pocket has hit the panic button which is annoying.