2005 Toyota Tacoma - Why no horn beep?

Horn doesn’t work with key-fob? But vehicle locks as it should. Horn works fine depressing steering wheel. Any ideas? Thanks.

Maybe try replacing the battery in the fob?

Both batteries in fobs recently replaced. Bought truck used 4 years ago and the horn and fob never worked together.

Well, it was worth a shot. Have you checked with a dealer?

Not yet, but I know someone at the local Toyota dealer. Thanks.

Unhelpful answers are why I’m here. :wink:

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The owners manual and the service manual make no mention of having the horn sound as a lock conformation.

The only “answer back” is the hazard lights flash when using the keyless entry.


I just assumed it would “honk” upon locking. Bought the truck used 4 years ago and it has never “honked” upon locking. My 07 Tundra and most other cars I know of give you that “beep” upon locking. Thank you.

Many vehicles have a horn chirp or a tone when locking the vehicle but some don’t. On the Tundra there is the option to switch off the horn chirp for areas where less noise is desired, the lack of this option may be why Toyota chose not to use the horn when locking the doors on the Tacoma.


I wish no car would sound the horn for lock and unlock. I hate walking through a parking lot to my car and a damn horn goes of just as I’m passing some random car being locked/unlocked. Startles the heck out of me. They also annoy your neighbors.