"keyless entry" beep/click/noise - how to shut it off

in practice, can the horn beep / click sound /other type of noise be disabled - or even turned down in volume - for keyless remotes[*] that activate the alarm?

my '10-or-so Hyundai Elantra horn beeps upon the second time the lock button on the keyless remote[*] is pressed. The second time the lock button on the keyless remote is pressed, the car alarm system is supposed to be activated. The system itself works perfectly. I think this is the way every keyless remote/car ever made works.

I cannot find any instructions - in the car manual or otherwise (yes I have the car manual…)- for how to prevent the horn from beeping as described. If the door is open while the button is pressed the second time, the horn does not beep. I have been doing this preferentially. However, there is no indication that the alarm system is active - and I have not yet attempted to open the hood or anything like a fake break-in after the alarm system activates. I have not brought this up with any Hyundai service center… I don’t think they can handle such an unusual question.

[*]what is this called? FOB? what does that stand for?

I think “fob” is what in days before wrist watches were common, that small pocket watch men would keep in a watch-sized pocket, attached with a chain. Or maybe it was the specialty pocket itself that was the fob. Basically a “fob” is something you keep with you that is small and useful guess.

I hope you can turn that honking sound off. If I had my way, I’d make that illegal to put in cars, as it unnecessarily disturbs the peace. Maybe call a dealership, see if somebody there knows if it can be done.

Look up the word “fob” --it is not an acronym. I find the horn honk annoying when you lock your car. Who needs to announce to the world: “Hey look everybody, I just locked my car!” My neighbor has the annoying habit of hitting his 2-3 times every time. I guess he doesn’t trust the first honk.

Fortunately on mine you can choose for it to honk, flash the lights, or do nothing if you want. On some cars you can’t change the setting though. Consult your owners manual, and if you can’t find anything there, it might be worth checking the web for a forum specific to your brand/make of vehicle and looking there. On a lot of cars, enabling/disabling features like these is like entering cheat codes into a video game.