2017 Kia Soul - how to disable horn when locking the car?

I would like to know how to turn off the horn when locking my car, I can’t find it in my manual

Do you mean the beep when you lock it with your fob? Normally the horn does not beep unless you hit the lock button twice.

On Kia’s almost everything to do with the key fob has to be done at the dealer.

Yes, I hit the button one time to lock it and the second time to set the alarm and I was told that you could disable the horn and just have a light go on instead but I cant find in the manual how to do this.

The first push of the button sets the alarm, the second push, horn beep or light flash, is just an audio or visual conformation that the you did set the alarm.

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Yes, I got that, however I want to know how to turn off the horn. When I come in late at night I don’t want to wake up the neighbors.

Then don’t push the button the second time.

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She wants to set the car alarm without the horn beeping.

The alarm should set with one push of the locking button .

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Lock the doors with the door lock switch on the interior door panel, there should be no lock conformation sound when using the interior switch and the alarm should arm.

Pushing the button once sets the alarm.

Pushing the button the second time just makes the horn honk, alarm was set with first push of button.