Disable Childproof Window - Nissan Murano

The backseat windows in my 2003 Nissan Murano only go down half-way. This is some sort of child protection measure, apparently.

I don’t have kids. But I do have a dog. But he’s a daschshund so the half-working window really cramps his style.

So I’d like to disable the child “feature” and let the window go all the way down. The dealer won’t do it, thanks to the lawyers, and won’t even tell me if it’s possible.

C’mon, my dog will thank you forever, and so will I. Anyone know if this is doable? Thanks in advance.

It is not a “child protection measure”.
Rather, it has to do with the size and shape of the rear doors in conjunction with the positioning of the rear wheel wells.

Because of the way that the rear doors are “cut” to accomodate the wheel wells, there is insufficient room in the door for the window to retract any further than it does.

Hmmm, very interesting. Never noticed that, but I’ll certainly give it a peek now. It was the service manager at the dealer who said it was a child safety feature, by the way.

If that is a “child safety feature”, then why does this feature not come on other cars, including some other Nissans?

The Armada (the SUV so big that it had to be named after a naval fleet), and the Pathfinder–to name just two Nissan models–do not have this “feature”. So, Nissan only wants to protect children riding in Muranos, and not in their other vehicles?

The service guy’s answer is b-o-o-o-o-gus.

Would you like the phone number of the service manager so you can ask him? :slight_smile:

I’ve had rental cars (non Nissan) where the back windows are similarly limited, so it’s not that off the wall to offer that as an explanation.

And, those rental cars undoubtedly had similarly limiting rear door designs.

Here’s a little exercise for you. Note how many vehicles (both 4-door sedans and SUVs) have a small, non-moveable glass panel to the rear of the moveable rear door windows. Those vehicles are designed that way in order to make the moveable window smaller, so that it can retract into the door fully. The Armada and the Pathfinder are examples of this design philosophy.

Other vehicles (your Murano and the rental vehicles that you drove) have rear door windows that run the full length of the door. Because these windows are so long, and because of the “cut” in the door, the window does not retract fully.

It just comes down to a matter of design.

Your service manager is full of it. It’s NOT a safety feature at all - and lots of cars (as already pointed out here) have a similar physical limitation to rear windows retracting all the way. I’d find another service dept. if I was you. This one sounds like VERY bad news.

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