Directional turns wipers on, 98 Ram

When I put the left directional on the windshield wipers come on. Only the left. I replaced the multifunction switch and it still does it. I also cleaned up all of the battery connections. A dealer suggested I make sure the wiper motor is grounded good. I have not got to that yet as I am not sure how to remove the wiper arms.

Unless your wipers are connected directly to the wiper motors, all you should need to do is disconnect the wiper arm linkage from the wiper motor.

Perhaps you have something else in mind but there is no need to disconnect the wipers to ensure a proper motor ground.

Either it’s grounded via the mounting bolts (into metal) or there is a wire running from the motor to ground.

I first have to remove the wiper arms then the plastic cover to get to the wiper motor.

In that case, pry up the caps covering the spline nuts that hold the wipers on.

Some caps require a forked type tool to do this or they may have a slip (locking) ring you need to depress to release.

I wonder if the ground for the left turn signal lights may be the problem. Do the lights for the left side work ok and are they bright?

Thanks for the help. I checked the flashers(directionals) this morning and the left front does appear to be a bit dimmer than the right. I will check that out when I get a chance. My daughter just bought a house so she is sure painting every room and remodeling the kitchen is more important than any problem I might have.

OK, I got some time to do some checking. I got to the wiper motor and checked the voltage on the ground wire and there wasn’t any drop. So I checked the ground wires on the left turn signals(front and back) and there wasn’t any drop there either. Some one suggested that the wiper motor itself is the problem. He had the same thing on a GM.

You may have a bad hazard flasher, a lot of older Chrysler products would jerk the wipers if the hazard flashers and left turn signal were used at the same time, This wasn’t really a problem because there would be no reason to put on the turn signal if you had the 4-way flasher on.

The fact that the right side turn signal doesn’t cause a problem makes me think that something is wrong with the left side signal but I’m not sure what that may be unless it has to do with the wiring in the steering column.

I know. You would think the left side only would be a major clue. Since the problem started it has done it EVERYTIME I used the left directioal. Also I have been moving the wires around every place I can get my hands on them to see if that isn’t the problem.

Did you ever fix the issue I have the same problem in my truck

Suggest you post your problem in a separate thread @Austin_Carter . On newer vehicles there’s often a body control module controlling traffic between the multi-function switch and the turn flashers/windshield wiper relays. Click on maintenance/repairs above top left, then new topic, top right.

There are two ground locations just behind the left headlight, one of them is shared by both the wiper motor and left turn signal. Clean and tighten these grounds.