2003 Dodge Durango

‘03 Durango I have replaced ctm multifunctional switch ignition switch and headlight switch.my problem is right turn signal hazards and fog lights activate the wipers .i don’t see any wiring problems in pdc.

Power is back feeding from the turn signals and fog lights to the wipers though a loose ground. Check the ground location in front of the battery on the radiator core support.

I have two ground wires one on the engine block and one behind the battery just above the headlight bulb socket I cleaned that real good .i can’t get my head to understand what would be common with the headlight fog lights and turn signals to do this only the right signal effects the wipers not the left signal I’ve been working on this for a month can’t drive it because of this.

I think you are talking about battery grounds, there are dozens of wiring harness grounds though out the vehicle. The ground for the wipers and front lights are on a stud on the side of the radiator core support about even with the headlight.

You were correct I failed to tighten up a ground wire group on the right side behind the headlight. I have to eat crow!