Directional tires mounted backwards

Why, when I call Michelin Tires 1-866-866-6605 number, will they admit that directional tires mounted backwards will cause them to wear faster but they refuse to put it in writing so that I may get replacement tires for the ones that were ruined when Wallmart installed them incorrectly for me this year? Can anyone help me?

Michelin did not install the tires so they are not responsible for improper installation. Wallmart installed these and they are the ones who should have fixed the problem. It is up to you as the owner of vehicle to insure that things are done correctly.

I know this does not help you but it is the truth. I really do not think you will get anywhere with Michelin on this one.

All I want from Michelin is to put in writing that the tires being installed improperly will cause wear problems.

Wallmart admits to installing them backwards but claims Michelin told them that won’t affect them. When I call that number Michelin will ADMIT to me that tires mounted backwards will wear faster.

All I asked Michelin to do is, not only tell ME this, but, send my local Wallmart a simple statement saying this.

Wallmart will reimburse me the money if Michelin simply puts into writing what they have said to me on the phone.

Michelin refuses…

Try calling yourself, but be very careful how you ask the question. Depending on who answers they will either reply truthfully, or, simply read off a pre written statement avoiding anything. I have actually talked to someone named Chrystil who told the truth, then she put on her supervisor named Dale, who replied truthfully but refuses to send it in writing , even became agitated when I asked him to please help me by sending what he told me to Wallmart… then HE started with the pre written statement…

Sweet-talk the manager at Walmart into calling the Michelin toll free number. If that doesn’t work, threaten to write a truthful letter to your local newspaper. If that doesn’t work, ask the Walmart manager if that’s his final position. If he says yes, pause, look him/her squarely in the eye, and politely say, “You leave me no recourse but to take legal action.”

I am planning to talk to the manager again, but, as far as taking legal action, it will cost me even more money and most likely won’t get me anywhere, I already looked into that.

Does Wallmart control Michelin in some way?

Is there ANY honest directional tire manufacturer who will put this into writing? It doesn’t even have to be Michelin, that’s just who Wallmarts Claims Management called. The claims management guy never even asked me who made the tires. I have tried contacting the actual company who made the tires as well as several others, I either get no straight answer or no reply at all.

All Wallmart asks for is any reputable tire company to put this in writing.

There must be a report on directional tires installed incorrectly somewhere…but where?

You don’t have to sue. Just threaten to.

“the ones that were ruined when Wallmart installed them incorrectly for me this year? Can anyone help me?”

Ruined?? How long were they run backwards?? The only real difference is water drainage and maybe a little noise. Wear is a minor issue. I doubt your tires were “Ruined”…

Write down the model of Michelin tire it is. It’s probably a “HydroEdge” or a “Pilot Sport A/S Plus”. Anyway, call the Michelin number again and ask for the website that has detailed warranty info for your model of Michelin tire. It will probably say the warranty is voided if the tires are mounted improperly. Then print it out and show to walmart manager.

I believe Michelin is covering their rear end and will not put it in writing because they do not want to get dragged in (drug in?).

I like what Karl wrote, write the local paper and contact the local news station.

This was only their second season. I have them taken off after only using them for three months to preserve them. I have four extra rims that they are on so that they can be easily changed at the end of the season.

When I took them to Wallmart they measured the tread, recorded it, and checked for any other wear as well as dry rot. They looked good and they installed them.

I store the tires in my garage that is cool and dry. I don’t have a lot of money so I baby these expensive tires. I depend on good tires for my job, I care for the elderly in there homes and need to get to them no matter what the weather.

They were only run backwards for one month and almost all the studs were torn out. The one tire started to loose air so I took the car back to Wallmart and they personally took me back to show me the tires were ruined. I had also gotten an oil change when the tires were installed this season so I could prove that the car was not driven excessively in that one month. I had them put my summer tires back on and then went to Pepboys who sell studded tires (Wallmart does not) It was there that I was told all my tires had been installed backwards.

Wallmart admits that the tires were not usable. They admit they were installed backwards. They admit I only drove one month and not excessive miles.

That is not the point right now.

The point still is


Why will this big company give me this information on the phone but not in writing?


does anyone know of a company who will?

This may be too simplistic an answer, but how about seeing if Walmart will swap them side to side for free? That’ll put them in the right direction in about ten minutes. No dismounting from the rims, just right front turned around and put on the left front, and the same with the rears.

Because STUDS void the warranty of ANY tire…Studs wear in a pattern and if you reverse the rotation, the STUDS get ripped out or be forced through the tire carcass…Studs greatly increase the rate of wear of any tire they are installed in.

Since Wally-World admits installing them backwards, they are the people you should be talking to, not us…

??? WT?

Have you considered emailing them if possible instead of calling. You may get the same response (in writing of course).

STUDS…You lose. See posts above…

These tires are made to be studded. They are ADVERTISED to be studded. they were studded by a company approved of by the manufacture of the company. The warranty is not the question

Concentrate people…

I AM talking to Wallmart

ALL Wallmart asks for is ONE reputable tire manufacturer to send them the effect of directional tires installed backwards.

heavy sigh

Thanks Andrew, yes I have, all e mails have gone unanswered.

Ha Ha very cute :slight_smile: but, please try to stick to the actual question if you could. This is pretty important to me. Someone must know someone who works for a tire manufacturer who can help

I wonder why WallMart is so sure that the OP will not be able to get any thing in writing? By the way the OP writes the deal hangs only on this letter, he can’t get it, and WallMart know he can’t get it, has WalMart been down this road before?

Tires that are “babied” and the OP did not know to check they were mounted in the correct direction, either during the mounting process or check when the car was returned (like you do with an oil change) and taking any thing you value so much to Wallmart for work?

Did you even tell the service writer at Wallmart to “make sure you mount my tire correctly, they are my pride and joy and I take very good care of them”.

The “get the newspaper involved” advice is LAME, you can’t get a newspaper involved in anything they don’t think will sell papers, and a story about a man who’s tires were mounted backwards would not sell papers. In fact if my local paper ran a story “man’s tires mounted backwards” I would check if I had not selected the comic section by mistake.

I did not know all this could happen, so I never knew to ask the technician to be sure he did it right. I’m just a single mom trying to use good tires to not miss work no matter what the weather.

Again I am asking you to try to stay on subject and simply answer the question if you can