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2012 Nissan Murano

Just purchased my 1st SUV - 2012 Nissan Murano. Rides good, handles great. Seats a little firm. Problem: when the radio is on (not really very loud), can’t hear the click of the turn signal – it’s set at a very low volume. As it doesn’t stop clicking after changing lanes, how can I increase the sound of the click so I’m not one of those goofballs driving down the freeway making a perpetual left turn?

I typed “turn signal amplifiers for hearing disabled” into my search engine. To my surprise, there are numerous options available. Google is your friend.

Take it back to the dealership and ask the salesman about it. This is most likely one of those “hidden” settings some cars have

Mountainbike and bscar2 both have great answers to your problem. If you don’t want to try mountainbike’s option or if there is no hidden setting for your vehicle…just buy a “heavy-duty” flasher. They usually make a louder clicking noise. The heavy-duty flasher is designed to be used while towing a trailer and it will work even if you never tow anything. I’ve also found that they last a very long time.

I bet it may not have a flasher, so much is electronics/computer controlled now. I have the same problem with my new car, the blinker ‘clicks’ blends right in with road noise. Just have to watch closer I guess.

Yeah texasas, I have the same problem, but I think the clicker speaker is either very directional and pointed at the passenger or it is on the passenger side. My wife is always telling me that I left the turn signal on.

Check your owner’s manual too. My 2006 (not a Nissan) will remind me after a few minutes if I’ve left the signal on by sounding a chime, if I’m driving over a few MPH. Your vehicle may have something similar too.