Audible directional alert on Subaru Outback repeating

I have a 2001 Subaru Outack LL Bean Edition. The car has 126K miles and is in good condition. I don’t miss routine checkups and it has never been in an accident.

Recently the sound that alerts the driver that the blinker is turn on has been firing randomly. The only way I can get it to stop is to turn the directional signal on/off left/right a few times. This solution/workaround only last for a few minutes as the sound comes on randomly while driving. The noise repeats at a faster rate than the trypical directional sound. Similar to what would be heard if there was a light out. There are no lights out and it doesn’t matter if turning left or right.

I took it to a repair shop (not a Subaru dealer) and they didn’t know what could be causing it. They indicated it may be a probelm with the “multi function switch”. My feeling is that there is a short somewhere as it seems to be more prominent when I hit a bump or starting/stopping.

Any ideas? Can I turn this off?

I would have to think it is a problem with the multi-function switch. Think about it. The flasher unit starts clicking for no reason. You manipulate the turn signal arm which is connected to the multi-function switch, and the clicking stops.


you do realize what the “multifunction switch” is right? it is the blinker lever.

they do break, and it sounds like yours has given up!

they cost some to buy, but the expense is the labor to install them. you have to dissasemble the steering column and then get the switch installed correctly. (i would NOT reccomend you do this yourself.)

I had to replace the multifunction switch (turn, wipers, cruise, etc) on my 2000 Blazer for this reason. Try cleaning the turn signal switch with some CRC Electrical Contact cleaner (try Lowes) or WD40. Spray it into the switch at the steer column while moving the turn signal lever up and down to work the cleaner into the contacts. This only stopped the clicking on the Blazer for a few days but you may be luckier.

Good luck,

Ed B.

Thanks. When the mechanic said mult-function switch I thought it was something more complicated. I will try the easy steps of spraying the contact cleaner into the steering column. Can’t hurt much. If that doesn’t work I’ll consider replacing it. Or buy ear plugs. :slight_smile:

you have to get this repaired if your state has annual inspections. your car must have a blinker.

sorry the ear plug idea won’t cut it :frowning: