Dip stick



When having an oil change at Valvoline, the mechanic informed me that the tip of the transmission dip stick was broken off. If this tip is floating around could this piece of metal damage my transmission?


Most likely not. There is a magnet in the bottom that is there to attract mostly the clutch dust from the friction plates. The tip is probably stuck to it. Even if it is not, it cannot get sucked into the transmission pump because it will never get past the filter. Don’t sweat it.


If you have 30k or more miles consider a transmission pan drop and filter change to get the tip out. It’s good for your transmission and your piece of mind. The forum consensus is that transmission fluid and filter changes every 30k (not a flush) is best for the transmission.

One caveat, make sure that Honda brand fluid is used.

Ed B.


Thanks for the input. Glad to hear about the magnet catching any metal. Also, it is time to drop the transmission pan and change the filter for peace of mind. Thanks!


You already have the answer to the question you asked, but I will suggest that any quick national oil change place should be considered unsafe for your car and checking account.

You will find that most everyone here will suggest a local independent mechanic, preferably with some recommendations from friends and family members. 

 Dealers generally do OK but charge too much and may want to replace the door due to a scratch.