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Transmission Fluid Question - 2007 Acura TSX

Hi guys!

So, we took my wife’s 2007 Acura TSX into the local Honda dealer last Saturday to have an oil changed done and the brake rotors resurfaced. Any well, like always, ever 4k my transmission fluid is dirty and needs to be replaced. I declined as I just did it 10k mile ago, and my car alerts me to when it needs to be changed.

Anyway, today I popped the hood to check and make sure everything was tight and put back how it should be. While doing so, I noticed that the transmission dipstick was out of the hole (right next to it). The metal part that measures the level of the tranny fluid was still in, but not the top end. As a result, the dipstick hole has been exposed to the elements under the hood for a year. I didn’t notice any tranny fluid inside the engine bay or any on the garage floor. Also, the fluid level seems to be ok. So, here’s my question. Do I need to replace the fluid because of this? Does exposed tranny fluid have issues like exposed brake fluid does?

Just wondering what you all think? I called Honda, and they said it’s “Ok” but of course they’re gonna say that. If it’s truly a problem, I will go raise a stink with the service manager.

Thanks much!

...the dipstick hole has been exposed to the elements under the hood for a year.

Don’t you mean a week? If so, forget it.

The transmission fluid doesn’t need to be replaced.

The transmission already has some sort of vent that prevents the seals from being blown out as the internals of the transmission heats up.

There was just an extra vent for a while.


Perfect! Thanks so much, Tester!

Dealerships – according to what we seem hear here pretty consistently – tend to error on the side of recommending too much service rather than too little. Why they do this, one can only conjecture. Too much service doesn’t harm anything though, as long as they do the job correctly and you don’t mind the price and inconvenience of waiting for it to get done anyway.

But if all that bothers you, suggest to do a little research on the local inde shops and give one of them a try next time you need routine maintenance. Ask friends, relatives, co-workers etc who they use, and from that list choose a shop that specializes in Acuras and Hondas, or at least Asian cars.