Should I change the Transmission Fluid

I have 99 Honda Accord LX 4 cylindar automatic. I has 191000 miles, and the transmission is starting slip into second gear. I do not know if the transmission oil was changed at 100K or not.

Probably bogus, but I heard that once your car is that old, and transmission oil has not been changed that the particals in the oil right now is making the transmission work, rather than putting in new oil and then having the tranmission be even worse when finished. What are you thoughts

That story results from cases like yours. Tranny fluid isn’t changed for a long time, then tranny starts to fail. The tranny fluid is changed (belatedly), then the tranny fails. Blame the tranny fluid change! (Not the lack of changes for years before).

It’s cheaper to DRIVE it to the salvage yard instead of waiting and having to tow it…

I dont know what that is supposed to mean. The car drives still and I think it should drive for a longer time. So you are trying to tell me to just junk it then eh?

Change the fluid and the filter. If it’s slipping, you’ve probably already damaged the transmission. Change the fluid and hope that you get some more miles out of it.

You should have been changing it every 30,000 miles.


Basically yes…that is what Caddyman, in his own rather cynical way, is trying to convey.
Automatic transmission fluid is supposed to be changed every 30-35k miles. Apparently your tranny is dying an early death, mainly from neglect. Once this process has started it is irreversibil. That tranny could completely fail any day now.

Having said all that, you could probably try and have the oil and filter changed. If you do not have too many sins, perhaps somebody above likes you, and you might luck out on this. The most you could lose is $80-100 for an oil and filter change.

VERY IMPORTANT: where ever you go to get this done, make sure that ALL they do, is drop the transmission pan, clean it properly, and change the filter and the oil. DO NOT let them do a transmission flush. I would avoid at all costs national chains of transmission stores (AAMCO, COTMAN, ETC.) Look for in INDEPENDENT, local transmission shop.

Your tranny is at the end of it’s life. With Hondas and most FWD Japanese cars, the repair cost totals the car…if you feel your car is worth $3500, go for it…

Slipping is the beginning of the end so don’t go too far from home with it. Those 100k miles transmission fluid change recommendations are total bunk. That hokey recommendation is mostly decided by the Marketing Dept. who want the car owners to feel their cars need very little maintenance.

Fluid changes should be done everyt 30k miles and what you heard about contaminants making the transmission work is bogus.

yeah, my toyota shop doesn’t even recommend changing the trans filter. they don’t even stock the parts. I have to go to pep boys for it. I change my fluid every 7-9K and filter every 40-60K.

And these are the easiest transmissions to maintain. You cant change the filter because the transmission is a 3 piece case with no pan. All you do to service this transmission is: 1: Remove drain plug and let fluid drain into pan. 2: Reinstall plug. 3: Refill using Honda fluid. Done… Easier than changing your engine oil. I dont know why people neglect their transmissions so much.

Your 2nd clutch is failing, overhaul is the only cure.


To be fair, I recently did one of these transmission fluid changes on my mother’s Sienna, which has a drain plug. It was a little harder than doing an oil change, mainly because refilling it can be difficult, especially for us amateurs. I tried to measure the amount of fluid that came out to make sure I added the same amount, which happened to be the same amount listed in the owner’s manual for a drain and refill. I still managed to overfill it, and had to drain some out. Then, since the transmission has to be warm and recently driven, I had to add fluid, drive it around the block, check it, and repeat until it finally registered as full again. For the layman, it isn’t quite as easy as it is for a professional who has done this type of job often, especially if you want to get it right.

Caddyman, you are one in a million, thanks for the laughs.

You have nothing to lose changing it besides the $50-$100. You may want to throw some holy water in for good measure.

I hope for the best.

The transmission fluid should be changed every 50k-75k if you want decent life out of it.