Tramsmission Dipstick

I have a 1990 Ford Econoline 250 RV. The Transmission dipstick recently broke. Where can I find a replacement? In the meantime, how do I monitor the transmission fluid and add when needed?

Thanks, GAILE2

A salvage yard or a Ford dealer may be able to find one for you.

Typically, you shouldn’t need to monitor your fluid level because it should not be using very much, if any, fluid between ATF changes. If it is, then you have other issues to attend to, also.

I had to replace the transmission shortly after I bought it three years ago. It was replaced with a heavy duty transmission more suited to the vehicle than the original. That transmission has maybe three thousand miles on it. So, it shouldn’t be using any fluid.
How often should the fluid be changed?
Thanks again, G

If you want to avoid another transmission overhaul/replacement, the fluid and filter should be changed every 3 years or 30k, whichever comes first. In other words, your transmission is due or overdue for a fluid/filter change.

Thank you so very much! I will have that done. And if anyone out there has a line on a source for a dipstick I’d appreciate that info too. I pretty much know that it’s going to have to be a salvaged one but no web site I can find so far has been a help. I live in the country and am depending on the net to help find this. Are there specs such as numbers, etc. that would help me find this?
As you may have guessed I’m a woman on my own who has to hunt and peck for info on things I don’t know much about. Any help is most appreciated!

Country people know how to fix things and not replace them, exactly what is wrong with your dipstick?

If the internet did not yield results, call your local salvage yard and ask them to go out on their parts line and see if they get any results. There are several means they have available to get parts drop shipped to them; you will have to decide when they find one if the cost is worth it, or not.

The dipstick was broken when my local Ford service was doing a routine maintenance. And yes, I do lots of repairs on my own, broken pipes, etc. but I’m not an automotive creator. If you have a suggestion for how to make a homemade one I may have resources in my local community to get that done.
Thanks, G.

There are methods to weld band saw blades together perhaps this method works for dipsticks.

You did not answer the question about exactly what was wrong with the dipstick, you only said who broke it and when they broke it. Breaking a dipstick isn’t that like breaking a ball bearing?

The dipstick for my van (Olds Silhouette) is literally riveted together by design - very long stick, 2 parts, 2 low profile rivets about halfway down. Of course, we still don’t know what the damage is to yours, so that might be irrelevant.

Is this a 3 speed trans or a 4 speed?? You are going to need to know this. I would check a junk yard. I checked with one of my suppliers on line and could only locate GM right now. A new dip stick and tube assy will probably run you about $30-$35


During routine maintenance by the Ford dealer? Sounds like HIS problem to me. Be assertive and tell them to get you a replacement. Rocketman

It is a 3 speed. The stick was riveted near the top and broke at the rivets, much easier than breaking a ball bearing :slight_smile:
I will check junk yards in my region.
Thanks, G.