Diesel or gas?

My brother in law had some “old diesel fuel” they were getting rid of at his work. I filled up my Ford F250 with this “free fuel” and within 25 minutes my truck broke down on the highway. Now that it has been toed home, how can I get that bad fuel out of my truck and running smooth again. Is there a way I can siphen it out of not only my tank, but my engine as well?


Does that F-250 have a diesel engine?  How much diesel was added and how much fuel was already in the tank?

My guess is  the fuel filter is clogged and you need to change it.  Diesel fuel last a lot longer in storage than gasoline.  

If the fuel is filtered and added to the tank 75% fresh diesel and 25% old filtered diesel, it should be fine.

Yes, the F-250 does have a diesel engine and I put almost a half tank of that bad fuel into it. Thats what I thought, that diesel fuel last longer in storage, thanks for confirming that. Great idea to change the fuel filter. Do you think I should change the fuel lines as well?

Marine diesels suffer this problem all the time…It’s not the fuel itself but ALGAE that find enough moisture to grow in the fuel tank and quickly plug the fuel filter(s). If you live near the coast, there are service providers called “Diesel Tank Service” Or “Fuel Polishers”. They pump out your contaminated fuel, run it through a filter bank to remove all the Algae, flush out the lines, replace the normal filters and add a product called “Bio-Guard” to prevent any further algae growth. Your original fuel is returned to your tank, sparkeling clean…