International 4300 Diesel Truck

I am responsible for a company truck that has only been started once in the past year. It has not been started in about 2-3 months. I cannot get it started. A fellow associate recommended purchasing some new diesel gas and Cetane boost to try to start the truck. Someone told me that I need to get the old gas out of the tank. A tow truck driver stated that diesel gas does not go bad. I want to get the truck started and take it to an International Truck dealer for service.

Does anyone have any suggestions for my dilemna? I am getting too much conflicting input and am quite confused.

If you want to get this Diesel engine running, focus on the fuel system.

It takes no time for Diesel fuel to go bad from algea and water if it sits for a long period of time without being treated.


Once you get the truck running, I think that there are conditioners that may be put in the diesel fuel to inhibit the algae growth. In the building where I taught and had my office, there is a large generator with a big Caterpillar diesel engine for emergency power generation. The generator was installed in March of 2000. It was supposed to have been installed before January of 2000 in anticipation of the Y 2K problem. I did question why the order wasn’t cancelled when the generator wasn’t delivered and installed on time, and was told that the institution was preparing for Y 3K. The building houses the computer center which I guess is the reason for the generator. At any rate, conditioner is added to the diesel fuel. The generator has a block heater so that the block is always at 100 degrees Farenheit. The generator is started every month on a Sunday morning. The fresh air intake for the building is right by the generator so the diesel exhaust smell is present in the building when the generator is running.
I think if you use the diesel conditioner and start your engine more frequently, you may be o.k.