Di dHonda Transmissions get better since the early 2000s?

The early 2000s Civic and Accord automatic transmissions were notorius for early failure, especially due to convertoer failures. Did the models get bettter in subsequent years?

Find the April issue of Consumer Reports and look up the car in question in the reliability tables, that might be a good place to start.

Looking at Consumer Reports, the black circles (“much worse than average”) turn to red circles (“much better than averag”) for “transmission major” by 2003 for Accord and Civic (which never got worse than “average”), and 2005 for Oddysey.

A number of forums and websites (e.g, carcomplaints.com) show that the early 2000s Accrds and cvcs had serius tranny probs (similar to the 1999-2003 Odys) with 2003 being the year with the hightest number of complaints for the cvc. I was wondering if the trannies in the 8th generation was a new design or not. I’ve known a number of folks with Hondas from that period and they all had tranny probs.