Honda Civic 2000 Transmission issue

Hi There, first of all sorry for my english… So i have an automatic 2000 Honda Civic Lx (sedan). so my transmission had a issue like 2 years ago that after 50mph the transmission start to up and down shift. so i manage to not get that fast to avoid that. So the last week i was on a trip and i stop in a red light. So when i acelerate it doesnt move at all. just a little bit and when it get a little speed it change hard to 2nd gear. after 2nd gear it was ok. So i do a research about that. It comes to appareantly the transmission control solenoid. so i buy it and install it. When i turn on the car and put it on Drive, the car moves normal about 2 second and then is like the gear disengage and had to put my pedal down to 3 or 4k rpm to get a little speed to make it to 2nd gear and when it does is hard. after that is normal. Any Help? any suggestion?

My 2000 Accord did this towards the end of its life. If the light around the D starts blinking, you’ll know you have a transmission slip. Honestly, that’s what this sounds like.

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are plugs and wires good? thay misbehave like this also

Thanks, well it seems that plugs and wire are fine but it can cause that issue? i mean i never touch the transmission before the issue start.

Possibly the wrong trans fluid was put in, or there is not enough, or too much, or trans fluid and coolant are mixing because of an internal leak in the radiator.

Plugs and wires do not make a transmission slip

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This is why I don’t buy Hondas…they make great engines but bad transmission.

Is the transmission fluid at the right level? Has it been changed on schedule? What color is it now?

it was low so i add it 2 quarts after the problem start… right now it is brown color… and i think is overfill.

That doesn’t sound good. Running with the wrong level (low or high) can damage the transmission. A brown color is often a sign of a dying transmission. I suspect a transmission replacement is in your near future. If so, I recommend having it done at a good local transmission shop, not a chain.

ught thats sad to hear… can i flush a little bit of fluid?

This is like saying “I don’t buy Toyotas because the 1970 Corona had notorious electrical problems.”

Honda made a string of bad transmissions in the Accord. The vast majority of their transmissions are fine.

What happened here is that OP noticed the symptoms of a problem 2 years ago on a 15 year old transmission, and ignored it, ran the transmission while it was low on fluid, and two years later it finally died.

That’s gross negligence on the part of the owner (no offense, OP) and it’s only because Honda made such a good transmission that the thing survived as long as it did.

why did you add ANY fluid if you were not sure of proper level? i say, drain as much fluid as you can. look online and it might say 2.5 quarts SHOULD come out. than you add the same amount back in. if you over filled you may get 4 quarts out. you need to drain the fluid and refill to the FULL or HOT mark on dipstick and only use honda fluid doing a drain and fill with proper fluid probably will not fix your problem but it will get fluid spec back to normal

You are right, it was my fault to let the car running with the first issue that come up. Im regretful about that, so that overfill problem can i just drain it until it get normal level? and. the problem might be internal? i was told that maybe the torque converter clutch might be bad ehat you guys think?

Yeah, it is a real black mark for Honda that a poorly-maintained transmission failed after… only… 17 years.


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Not knowing where you are located, your mechanical ability or the overall condition of your Honda only you can decide if it is worth the expense of transmission repair. You might ask around for a shop recommendation.

… and if you are located in The US, ignore anyone who recommends that you go to Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or (God forbid) AAMCO.

did you use honda fluid? its good that you at least found the fill port. i dont see why you cant also find the drain plug. but than you have to go under the car. maybe thats more messy than you want to deal with?

Whatever caused the trans to be 2 quarts low is a problem that needs a solution.

If the fluid looks bad, it should be removed, and new correct fluid put in, in the correct amount.

fluid was “low”. OP did not know how low. they “think” it is overfilled now. so, there you go
op was unsure of level to start with and is unsure of level now
it might have been 1/2 qt low.