Dex 3?

Local farm supply sells all kinds of hyd fluid and trans fluid. They also sell automotive trans fluid that is labeled as “dex 3” compatibile. I know GM says use dex 6 when u service any older car that had dex 3 as dex 6 is backwards compatible. Ok, got all that. BUT what is this dex 3 “generic” stuff the farm store sells? It’s $2/qt. Walmart dex6 is $4/qt. valvoline dex 6 is $6/qt… I don’t even think Walmart sells dex3? Yes I know the GM licensing trademark is gone so none can sell dex3 technically. But, my question is, what is this stuff fleet farm sells? Is it ok for a 97 Buick?

While some others may disagree . . .

If a car “only” required Dexron 3, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to use af that meets the Dexron 3 specifications.

Using Dexron 6 compatible atf will cost more money and may or may not yield tangible benefits.

At least for that older vehicle.

Don’t know who makes the ATF for Fleet Farm. but I have used similar fluids for Dex III and Mercon applications in three different vehicles. Currently, I have some O’reilly branded Premium ATF suitable for Dex/MERC applications and Super Tech for similar applications. All are clearly marked for the equivalent fluid application, and that is only what they will be used for. It was for our 03 Subaru transmission, but it met an early demise by being rear ended.

I also agree with db4690. I never used my stash up yet to find out if Dex VI works as well.

I really don’t know much about it but I believe Dex 6 is the full synthetic and I don’t think 3 is. What I have noticed with Fleet Farm though on their house or off brands is that it is recycled product so guess I’d just be a little careful and read the label.

+1 for @Bing. They used to sell “recycled” oil products in the sixties. You didn’t have to read the label back then because opening the container filled your nose with that familiar “burnt” odor.

It seems Walmart does sell dex3 stuff. $3.27. I think the wm dex6 stuff was 5 or so? So the wm stuff is almost as cheap as the fleet stuff