Dextron VI right type for real

why is there 2 or 3 different part numbers on Dextron transmission fluid , they all say backwards usable for older cars I Have a 2003 and went to a dealer he gave me 10-9118 he said its conventional and they dont use synthetic except for a special tyanny . so im sorta confused on this
why different part numbers and can you use a synthetic in a 2003 V6 type tranny

You’ll have to ask GM why multiple part numbers.
The important thing is the Owners Manual calls for Dexron.
Dexron VI is semi-synth and compatible for older versions like Dexron III.
Best to stick with actual Dexron than some aftermarket “universal” fluid that might not perform properly.

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Yes, but the OP’s vehicle apparently requires Dextron fluid, and I have to assume that this is different from all of the various iterations of GM’s Dexron fluid. I have never heard of that specialized fluid, but–hopefully–someone in this forum is familiar with Dextron.

Everything you wanted to know about Dexron transmission fluid.


Hi, the dealer parts man said tht the synthetic is or a HD tranny for very heavy duty usage a in larger V* trucks or SUV’s. Hes just one parts man out of thousands and I would have to see the stats on that one.

Is the license no on the bottle?