Transmission Fluid

I’m getting ready to change the trans filter and fluid on a 97 Nissan Sentra GLE automatic. I called the local dealership to inquire which fluid is used on this particular model. The parts “god” said it uses Dexron II or III. I asked him if i could use Dexron VI as I believe it supercedes all previous Dexron numbers and also it is a synthetic. I’ve used it in my 91 Corolla with no ill effects. He would not give me a straight answer. Can I put the Dex VI in this vehicle?

Recommended Fluid Nissan ATF or DEXRON IIE or DEXRON III ATF

dex6 is for all the new gm stuff at there, dex 3 is still sold today save your $'s

Yes you can if you want to. Dexron VI is compatible with all systems that used Dexron III.

It all comes down to price. If Dexron VI is the same price as Dexron III…go for it. If not…I would use Dexron III.