D/M trans fluid

So, what is this stuff? Says for use in cars that use dexron3 or Mercon trans fluid. Since GM let the copyright drop on dex3 stuff I see that most dex3 labeled fluid says “for use in cars that used to spec dex3” or so on. Our local pump and munch stores carry this DM stuff. It looks red, seems to smell ok, have not tasted it but it sure seems to be ok for use in older GM cars. Like 2000 vintage. Usually $4/qt. our local farm supply carries univ trans fluid for cars that use dex 3 or Mercon stuff. Says so on label. For cars, not tractors. It’s not labeled as univ hyd fluid, but trans fluid. This stuff is $2/qt. u think it’s the smar stuff as DM stuff at the gas station?

I don’t know myself but the only thing with the farm stores I’ve noticed is that some stuff is from Venezuela and other stuff is recycled. You have to read the labels pretty closely.

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