Why are so many threads closed?

It seems like most of the threads are closed to comment. What’s up with that?? What causes a thread to be closed???

“Most” of the threads are closed?
There must be something wrong with your browser or your computer, as almost all of the threads are wide-open for comments.

Hello VDCdriver. Could you check the following two threads and tell me if they are open to discussion on your computer? Because they aren’t on mine. Thanks:


Yes, they are closed, simply because they were inactive for an extended period of time.

If you have a question to ask, you should open a NEW thread, rather than trying to “glom” onto an existing thread. In order to open a new thread, simply click on the red rectangle marked New Discussion, in the upper right area of your screen, and then enter your question/comment.

I’m not VDCdriver but those threads say closed for discussion .

Well obviously I know how to start a new thread because I started this one. The discussions which I linked weren’t that old, and the reason I like to “glom” onto them is because the people in these post have similar issues and I might have some information to help them out. I’m still unclear why these discussions get closed. If there is an administrator who is reading this, please clarify. thanks.


I just checked, and the guy that started that first thread hasn’t been on this website since November 2014

The guy that started the second thread hasn’t been on this website since september 2014

There is absolutely no point in reopening those threads, because the guys you want to help stopped frequenting this website a LONG time ago

I hope you’re satisfied with that information

The treads were closed to satisfy the few who complain every time a new member leaves a comment on a thread that is thought to be no longer of interest.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that if the person that started a tread is no longer active that the thread must end unless the regulars want to continue the thread to debate politics, climate change or criticize department stores.

There are hundreds of visitors each day that search these threads for advice but the threads have been closed with no new information added. I guess if you have some information to add to one of those threads you have to start a new one, rather disorganized.

Someone recently opened a thread at Toyotanation that had been inactive for 6 years . Lets say that the responses they got will keep them from doing that again.

@oaklandxxx, I set the closure mark to be a creation date three months prior. It came about after the discussions Nevada mentioned. Other than the timeframe, I don’t close threads ahead of that schedule unless the discussion goes off the subject of cars.

Leaving stagnant threads open only serves to clog the site. Carolyn chose a generous timeframe, longer than I would have. If nobody has commented on a thread in three months, I see no point in keeping it open… and I see no point in dragging inactive threads that old back into the fray.

@"VOLVO V70"
I think I know the thread you are talking about!! LOL