Defective seal on 2004 honda crv headlight

Have others had this problem? the seal is defective and allows moisture in. The part is $300 plus $100 labor to install. Car is, of course, out of warranty.

Seems to me you could cure this problem yourself with a bit of silicone sealant. Why are you paying all this money?

I removed the headlight assembly from my 2000 Blazer, took off the chrome bezel and applied silicone sealer along the seam between the lense and the assembly. I used a hair dryer to remove the remaining moisture from inside the assembly. With a little ingenuity you should be able to do the same.

Moisture in a headlight assembley is not a problem unless it does not clear up with headlight operation, unless you just can’t accept any sign of moisure at any time for any amount of time.

This condition is not limited to Honda.