Deer Crossing Donna

Yeah those cattle are dangerous. I was out in western Minnesota just after dark and there were about 5 or 6 cows along the road. They’d gotten out of their pen. I called 911 and said they’d take care of it. Wanted to know if they were black or brown-guess they were trying to figure out which farm it was. All I know is they were dark. That would have been nasty hitting one of those and you couldn’t see 'em till you were right on them. Just like those flat black eggs we strung across the road on Halloween (oops-got a police car but it was 40 years ago.) Not as bad as a hitting a moose though.

I’m on the outskirts of town and one time I was in the garage and a big buck ran by with my garage door open. He kept on going but you really feel defenseless with no gun handy. Then a couple were watching me out trimming in the back yard. They multiply like crazy.

There’s a guy around here that gets calls from the police to come pick up speed beef. He dresses it and donates it to kitchens for the homeless. He gets most of his calls in cold weather, of course.

You have seen the youtube video of the 80mph blond woman havent you?She as seroius as can be,but that aside she was sorta blindsided by her better half.This reminds me of a friend(who could put Yogi Berra to shame he said this about settling an estate after a death in the family"I’ll take half,give Sis half and give the other half to the wife"-Kevin

I came within inches of getting hit by a running deer…on a mountainbike (me, not the deer).
I was cruising down a singletrack at breaknectt speed and a deer, perhaps spooked by something, came running full speed right in front of me. Scared the bejesus out of me. If we’d connected I would have been meatloaf.

There’s a video on the internet with a biker hitting an antelope.