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Decrease turning radius on Volvo v70 for 17 inch tires

I have 17" tires on my 2001 volvo v70 and they rub when they turn.
I was told that we needed to get spacers or stoppers to keep the wheel from rubbing.
Does anyone know what these are named and where to get them or do you have any suggestions on where I can find them?

225/45-17" tires should fit. What size are yours?

we dont know rim width, wheel offset, tire size, suspension height is stock? lowered springs?

Not that it really matters, but it sounds like you’re trying to increase the turning radius, not decrease it.

Don’t turn the steering wheel to full lock, Problem solved. Now explain how you got there. Did you buy aftermarket wheels? Did you buy bigger tires than recommended by Volvo? Did you change the springs to lower the car?

Put the stock size tires and wheels back on, problem solved. i can only find 15" or 16" as standard. That means after market wheels. Probably wrong offset either putting the wheels too close to the fender or too close the the frame. Or the tires are too tall and you need a lower aspect tire. That leaves 2 choices, back to stock or get the right tire/wheel combination.

I think not being able to turn the steering wheel all the way to one side would lead to an increase in your turning radius, not a decrease. A decrease in your turning radius would mean you’re making the turn using less room than you did before.

They’re called bump stops.

Now see if you can find steering bump stops for your vehicle.